Certified Vehicle CNG Conversion

We help Pennsylvania consumers and organizations cut their fuel expenses by performing EPA compliant CNG conversions on new or nearly new vehicles.

Yellow Pickup Truck

There are two types of CNG fuel systems available today:

  • Dedicated vehicles or conversions that run on CNG alone and typically have a fuel capacity equal to or larger than the original gasoline or diesel tank.
  • Bi-fuel vehicles that are able to run on either gasoline/diesel or CNG. Bi-fuel vehicles are retrofitted with an additional, smaller-capacity CNG tank while usually keeping their original gasoline/diesel tank.

We are certified CNG conversion kit installers. We only use CNG conversion kits that meet strict Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.  Grant funding is available to help cover the initial cost of installing a CNG kit.  More information on such funding can be found at this site:  www.ngvamerica.org/government-policy/federal-incentives

We install CNG conversion kits on individual consumer passenger vehicles and fleets of vehicles for businesses, municipalities and other organizations. Every conversion we do is optimized for your safety, convenience, aesthetics, performance, and fuel savings.

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